How do you feel about death?

Our impending death is the most powerful energy we can harness in our life.

This course is not for the faint of heart, but if you are willing to face death, it could be transformational in your life. We live in fear and denial that death even exists. It does not help that the world treats death and dying as taboo. As wise, empowered people, we can learn how to boldly face our own death by understanding the death and grieving process, and coming to terms with our own beliefs of what awaits us after this body no longer serves us. This is a self-paced course where instruction and insight will be woven with exercises, meditations & visualizations to overcome the fear of death, and personal assignments to help you embrace the art of dying well.
A woman kneels at a gravestone.

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Instructor Bio:

I'm Rev. Pamela "Mela" Borawski, CHt (Certified Hypnotherapist). I'm an ordained pagan minister, and have followed an earth-centered spiritual path for over 20 years. I created 3 Rays of Light LLC after my graduation as an integrative healing arts practitioner, and I focus on healing the mind, body and spirit using various healing modalities including hypnosis. I've been teaching in the community and overseas for 35 years (since I was a teen!), and teaching is my passion. I'm 51 years old, married for 26 years, and have two adult children. We are creating our own little homestead in the country. I host a witchy podcast called Belle, Book & Candle where we talk all sorts of witchy and metaphysical topics.

Mela Borawski

Senior Instructor