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Benefits of this Course

Toe reading is a great addition to your coaching or intuitive wellness business!

  • Sole Coaching

    Toe reading is not your average psychic modality. It is far more, and you will be taught not only how to read the curves, lines, colors, textures and form of the toes and feet but also the very best way to convey this life-changing information to your clients. It becomes a sole to soul communication that is extremely healing and validating. You do not have to be a life coach of any sort to attend, but it certainly gives you great tools to expand this modality.

  • Uncommon Offering

    Depending on your area of the world, you may find that not many know how to do toe readings - let alone have ever heard of it. This gives you a beautiful bonus of having an intuitive technique for healing that is extremely uncommon. Because the majority of the people you meet will have never heard of a toe reading, people will want to try it at least once (and then they get hooked, and bring you their friends and family!).

  • Opportunity to Expand Your Business

    Just as you would offer any other readings such as tarot readings, oracle readings, or aura readings, you will be able to add toe readings to your business. This provides another avenue of income for you through one-on-one client work, as well as opens up many doors for psychic & metaphysical festivals and fairs. Festival & fair attendees LOVE having their toes read.


Instructor Bio:

I'm Rev. Pamela "Mela" Borawski, CHt (Certified Hypnotherapist). I'm an ordained pagan minister, and have followed an earth-centered spiritual path for over 20 years. I created 3 Rays of Light LLC after my graduation as an integrative healing arts practitioner, and I focus on healing the mind, body and spirit using various healing modalities including hypnosis. I've been teaching in the community and overseas for 35 years (since I was a teen!), and teaching is my passion. I'm 51 years old, married for 26 years, and have two adult children. We are creating our own little homestead in the country. I host a witchy podcast called Belle, Book & Candle where we talk all sorts of witchy and metaphysical topics.

Mela Borawski

Senior Instructor

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